Affiliate Terms and Condition

Please read this Agreement carefully before registering and signing up as an Affiliate of Divigrid (“Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). By signing up for the Divigrid Affiliate Program, you (“Affiliate”, “you”, “your”) are agreeing to accept this Affiliate Agreement. If you sign up on behalf of a company, organization, or other entity, this Agreement applies to you and the company, organization, or other entity that you represent.

This Affiliate Agreement is subject to change at any time and at our sole discretion. By continuing to participate in the Affiliate Program after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised terms, regardless of whether or not you received notice of the same.

Our Affiliate Program is meant to encourage you to promote our products, bring us to new audiences, and ensure that you are rewarded for your activity. It does not create any relationship between us apart from independent contractors; you are not our employee, nor do we have a partnership: if we approve your participation in this program, you are an independent contractor. It also means we will pay you the sums we agree upon on specific dates.

Please understand that our liability to you is limited, as stated in our terms of service.

We reserve the right to review and moderate all affiliate registrations. Please note that the review process may take some time as applications are taken into consideration.

Promotional Methods

How you promote Divigrid is reflected in the commission you earn! We encourage using promotional methods that add value to Divigrid and bring us legitimate, loyal customers. We recommend creating unbiased written content and or videos about Divi, where it’s suitable to showcase Divigrid.

Here are a few examples of commonly used promotional methods used by the most successful affiliates for inspiration:

Tell clients, customers, or friends about Divigrid, and give them your affiliate referral link.

Write a review, blog post, or create a video about Divigrid Plugin.

Write a review, blog post, or create a video regarding Divi and mention Divigrid where it makes sense.

Reach out to a broad audience with your social network accounts.

Provide value to others by answering related questions in communities/personally and request them to use your referral link if they choose to make a purchase.

Promotional Materials and Intellectual Property

Divigrid will supply the affiliate with a range of banner advertisements and/or other graphic or textual material for display and use by the affiliate. Links to these Promotional Materials include the affiliate’s unique Referral URL. They can be accessed from the Affiliate Area on the Divigrid website.

We reserve all our Intellectual Property Rights and provide our affiliates with a limited, temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use our trademark, brand name, and promotional materials. The affiliate does not gain any trademark, copyright, or any other rights to these materials and may not modify the Promotional Materials without our written consent.

All promotional materials showing prices should reflect updated prices and discounts at any time.

Termination and Suspension

We reserve the right to terminate your affiliation with Divigrid (i.e., your membership in the program), at any time, by providing you with notice of such termination (to the email account with which you applied to the program), and with immediate effect, at Divigrid’s sole discretion. When we terminate our relationship, you must cease using all of our Intellectual Property Rights.

In any case, if we suspect any breach of these terms, we may also suspend your account until we receive sufficient evidence from you that shows that no breach of these terms occurred. In such case, we may require a review of your books and records before reinstatement.

Upon termination due to breach (save for termination due to inactivity), we shall retain all funds in your account.

If you wish to terminate your Affiliate Account. In that case, you can do so at any time by delivering a written notice addressed to [email protected], or simply stop using the Referral Links.

Termination for Inactivity

In case we believe that your account is inactive, meaning it did not earn any commission or receive any visits using your referral link. We may decide to close down your account. In such case, your pending balance will not be paid if it does not exceed the payment threshold. We will not use this right without providing you notice of at least 14 days, allowing you the time to promote your referral links and restore your “active” status.

Bad Practices

We consider the following as “bad practices” which are prohibited and will cause automatic termination of your participation in this program, as well as forfeit all sums you are entitled to.

Please note that if at any time we believe that you acted in bad faith or illegally, we may also cancel your participation and withhold all payments.

The following are considered bad practices:

Using deceptive practices, encouraging users to click banners or use any automated means to create traffic.

Presenting yourself as a part of Divigrid.

Using the Divigrid brand, either in violation of the Guidelines while presenting unpermitted banners or when using the Divigrid Brand as a part of your domain name, website name, banners, or in any form of paid advertising (for example, PPC campaigns).

Using domain names that imply any link to the Divigrid brand, including the word “Divigrid” or similar sounding, looking, or typed names.

Spamming (Any Kind).

Buying traffic.

Use paid search or keyword advertising using our Intellectual Property Rights or brand name to drive traffic to your site or to the banners.

Make any changes to the Divigrid plugin or include the tags, pixels, and codes in items unrelated to Divigrid.

Offering others a part of your commission.

Using words like “deal”, “sale” or “discount” in a deceptive manner or in a way stating that there is any discount, rebate, cash-back, or other reduced payment for the services when there isn’t.

Some Points are broken down in more detail-

No Free Distribution

As long as you participate in the program, you cannot provide any third-party a copy of the Divigrid Plugin, nor can you create derivative works of it. This is to ensure that all distribution of the Divigrid plugin is made only via our official channels and without any backdoors, changes, or insertion of malicious code.

Coupon site Affiliation

Divigrid does not accept coupon site affiliation because they do not generate new traffic for Customers who are searching for a Divigrid coupon are already in the market for Divigrid, so this method adds no value to Divigrid.

Promoting incorrect or misleading information

Any promotional activity that makes use of incorrect or misleading information will result in affiliate account deactivation. This includes false information intended to clickbait potential customers. If you are unsure of the correct information or details for promoting Divigrid, please contact us – we are always happy to help.

Any type of spam is prohibited

Spam in any form – where it is a link, ad, email, or comment is prohibited. Please respect the posting rules of any 3rd-party websites you use to promote Divigrid. This is not an exhaustive list of spam methods – note that if we deem your activity spam, it is spam.

Acting in association with Divigrid

Please don’t pretend to be a professional associated with Divigrid. Affiliates are not considered employees of Divigrid and have no employee rights.

All websites you use to promote Divigrid must have a prominent privacy policy, which is acceptable under the relevant privacy protection laws, and provide a prominent notice on the collection of data made by us using the tag, pixel, and code.

This list is non-exhaustive, and we may block any practice that we believe is bad and terminate or suspend your account. Bad Practices include any illegal or unauthorized advertising, infringing intellectual property rights, invading users’ privacy, or otherwise using any advertising violating local laws and regulations.


Each affiliate will be provided with a tier-based affiliate commission that we already mentioned on the affiliate page. We may change this commission at any time based on our discretion. Such changes will not be retroactive.

The Affiliate Commission qualifies for payout 14 days after the referred customer’s purchase date on the Divigrid website. If, during the 14 days, the originating purchase is refunded, revoked, canceled, or removed in any way, we reserve the right to revoke the Affiliate Commission on that purchase.

If the referred customer uses a discount code on their purchase. In that case, the affiliate only earns a percentage of the discounted price. If the purchased product is on sale at the time of purchase, the affiliate earns a percentage of the sale price.

The Divi Marketplace is not part of our Affiliate Program. Affiliate Commissions are only given to direct purchases on the Divigrid website.

We pay our commission for qualified leads; a qualified lead is a new customer, who subscribed to our platform within a certain duration of days of clicking a permitted banner you placed, and who made a purchase of any of our goods and services; all provided that we were not introduced to this customer by any other affiliate or that he did not subscribe to our website of his own volition before his click. We will not pay a commission for self-dealing, i.e. using the affiliate program to get discounts.


Your commission is calculated only upon payment to you. Until then, the expected payment is not an obligation from us to you but an estimation of future revenues.

We pay our affiliates monthly when their commissions reach a minimum threshold of $50.00. The payment shall be made via Payoneer or bank. No payments will be due or payable until an Affiliate has earned at least 50 USD.

Until the payment is made, the sums specified on your account are not considered debt and shall not be paid until you reach that threshold.

Affiliate commissions will be processed on the 15th of each month for successful referrals older than 30 days and still in good standing (i.e. the purchase has not been refunded).

You shall bear all taxes and expenses relating to the payment, including any fees your bank may incur.

If we provide a qualified lead with a refund, we may deduct the commission from your future payment or request that you return such fees. You also agree that we may offset any sums you may owe us from future payments.

Each party shall bear its own expenses, and the commission you are entitled to is the sole payment you receive concerning your services.

Affiliate News & Updates

By becoming an affiliate, you agree to receive emails from us. These emails will be sent to affiliates only on an ad-hoc basis. They may include important information regarding the Divigrid affiliate program. These emails will also provide relevant news and updates to help you effectively promote Divigrid.


Our relationship is confidential, meaning that your commission is confidential; the fact that we paid you is not. Of course, if required by law, you should add a proper disclosure that you receive a commission for the sale through your affiliate link. Still, it would be best if you did not tell others your specific commission.