Advanced Divi Image Carousel

The Advanced Divi Image Carousel Module is a powerful addition to DiviGrid, providing advanced, modern, and unique carousel sliders for your website. Enjoy complete control over the module with exceptional features, allowing you to design an unlimited number of carousels. Enhance your site with a breathtaking carousel using our diverse collection of expertly crafted demos and design variations, conveniently accessible from the demo page. Enhance your website with stunning image carousels that really impress you and your users.

divigrid carousel type 1

DiviGrid Advanced Image Carousel Type

Discover Two Stunning Carousel Types 

Experience the Future of Visual Storytelling with Our Futuristic Carousel! Discover a mesmerizing array of carousel types, including Slide, and Coverflow, guaranteed to captivate your audience. Elevate your carousel journey with impressive features such as Carousel direction, Item height, Active item height, Speed, Autoplay, Looping, Pause on Hover, Slider background images, Carousel slide direction, and More. Engage your visitors with automated sliding, seamless transitions, and intuitive navigation, creating an unforgettable experience that will leave them spellbound. Embrace the cutting-edge carousel experience and redefine how you share your visual narrative.

  • Two different carousel type
  • Add multiple background images
  • Carousel Direction
  • Carousel slide direction
  • Slide per view
  • Autoplay features
  • Loop features
  • Pause on hover
  • And Many more

Advanced Divi Image Carousel Static & Carousel Content Position

Control of Static And Carousel Content

With our Advanced Image Carousel Module plugin, you gain complete control over both static and carousel content, providing you with unparalleled design freedom. Effortlessly customize the position and width of static elements, allowing you to precisely position them for optimal visual impact. 

Meanwhile, the carousel content width is easily adjustable, ensuring seamless integration with your website’s layout. This level of control empowers you to enhance the user experience by fine-tuning the placement of static and carousel content, creating a cohesive and engaging browsing experience. Embrace the dynamic design flexibility offered by our plugin, and effortlessly manage the static and carousel content to deliver a  professional look

  • Static content position
  • Static content width
  • Carousel content width
divigrid aic static content
divigrid carousel content

Carousel and Static content panel

Achieve Impactful Messaging With Carousel And Static Content

With our innovative Advanced Image Carousel Module, you can take your messaging to new heights by seamlessly combining carousel and static content. Upload captivating carousel images that instantly draw attention, complemented by compelling titles and descriptions that tell a visual story. Integrate static elements with attention-grabbing titles, informative descriptions, and eye-catching images to reinforce your message effectively. This powerful blend of carousel and static content enables you to create a website that not only engages visitors but leaves a lasting impression

Creating Depth, Emotion, and Impact with background gallery images

Background Images in Carousel Flow

The slider background image acts as a background between the static and carousel panels, bridging the two sections. It adds depth, emotion, and visual cohesion that complements the primary content, whether images or text. The background image plays an important role in captivating the audience, evoking emotion, and reinforcing the message conveyed through the carousel, making it more impactful. The background image option works as an image gallery. You can select one or more images from your media collection to customize the look of your carousel. Each item can have a unique background image, or a single image can be used across all items. If you upload background images corresponding to the number of slider items, each image will appear as a background for each item.

However, if you want to use a different background color or gradient color for each item, I’m sorry to inform you that this is not possible. You can set a specific color as the background of all items, which can be either a solid background color or a gradient color.

divigrid background carousel image
divigrid carousel arrow 1

Advanced Divi Image Carousel Arrow Navigation

Arrow Customization

Level up your website’s navigation with the power of custom arrow settings. Craft the perfect next and previous arrows, selecting from an array of styles that match your website’s vibe effortlessly. Place the arrows precisely where you desire, whether it’s at the sides, corners, or any preferred location for seamless navigation. Fine-tune the arrow’s opacity to strike the right balance between visibility and subtlety, ensuring they complement your content flawlessly. Create cohesive and eye-catching visual elements by customizing the icon size and color to match your brand’s aesthetics. Add a touch of elegance with customized borders around the arrow icons, elevating your website’s design. Achieve a clean and organized layout by adjusting margins and padding around your arrows. With customized arrow container margins, enjoy greater flexibility in positioning, providing a delightful user experience that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Carousel and Static content panel styling

Content Area Customization

With our Content Area Customization feature, you have full control over the font, font weight, alignment, and color for both the static panel title and description. Personalize your website’s appearance by choosing fonts that best represent your brand and adjusting their weight to suit your design preferences. Align your text for optimal visual impact and select colors that match your website’s theme.

For the carousel panel, enjoy the same level of customization with the ability to modify font styles, weight, alignment, color, and text size. Create a harmonious design by seamlessly blending static and carousel content, ensuring a consistent and captivating user experience throughout your website. With these powerful customization options, you can easily create a stunning and cohesive visual identity for your website.

divigrid carousel font
divigrid premade layouts

DiviGrid Advanced Image Carousel Demo Design

Premade Layouts

Learning and creating from scratch can indeed be a hassle, but with our advanced image carousel module, that burden is lifted off your shoulders. Say goodbye to the struggle, as we offer a wide range of premade layouts for image carousels, regularly updated to keep up with the modern web development industry. All you have to do is download the layout, upload it to your website, make any necessary edits, and hit publish. It’s that simple! With our premade layouts, you can effortlessly create stunning and professional-looking carousels without the stress of starting from scratch. So, why wait? Let’s use our Advanced image carousel module and take your web development journey to new heights!

List of key features of Advanced Image carousel

Divi Advanced Image carousel module by DiviGrid

The Image Carousel module offers a diverse range of features exclusively designed for Divi users. Your creativity knows no bounds with the endless possibilities for design at your fingertips. Combine the module’s extensive features to craft something truly extraordinary.

divigrid carousel type

Carousel Type

There are 2 types of carousels. Slide, and Coverflow. Each carousel is easy to use, fully responsive and customizable.

divigrid Slider background

Slider Background Image

Benefit from the convenience of using the same background image or selecting a specific image for every slider item. Easily toggle the feature with an on switch for customization.

divigrid coverflow

Cover flow Effect

You can build the perfect balance by adjusting the slide shadow, rotation, spacing, depth, modifier & color. So add a touch of elegance with the Coverflow Effect.

divigrid pagination

Pagination Style

Craft a tailored pagination style for your carousel with these customizable options: adjust pagination dot size, color, active dot color, line color, and font color.

divigrid button customizer

Button Customizer

Empower web owners to create an irresistible button appearance by implementing appealing colors, border effects, precise alignment, and more for a captivating and engaging user experience

divigrid navigation arrow

Navigation Arrow

Enhance navigation with intuitive arrow controls. Seamlessly guide users through carousel content using customizable arrow icons for an interactive browsing experience.

divigrid overlay color

Overlay Color

To make the content positioned on the carousel item more clear and visually appealing, you can use overlay colors on the item from the Carousel panel style options.

divigrid static content

Static Content Position

Through this, static content can be left or right-positioned. Pagination Bullet Points will also change to left or right if the position of static content changes.

divigrid Typography

Typography Styles

Achieve a stunning view of the body text, heading, and other text through the font style. It empowers you to a professional look for your carousel.

divigrid slid per view

Slide Per View

How many images to show on each slide can be selected according to your demand. The number of images can be changed in the case of a phone or tablet.

divigrid carousel direction

Carousel Direction

Choose the carousel direction that suits your design. opt for a horizontal flow for a traditional look, or a vertical orientation for a unique and engaging user experience.

divigrid autoplay


A nice solution to whether the slide should auto-play or click to play is via a switch. Autoplay dealy can be set very easily.

divigrid static content width

Static Content Width

Define the width of static content effortlessly within the carousel. Set widths easily for a polished and professional design appearance, enhancing your overall website aesthetics.

divigrid active item height

Active Item Height

You can change the height of the active slider item according to the demand of the carousel through this option. Customize the height of the active slider item to perfectly fit your requirements.

divigrid pause

Pause On Hover

If you want to see any content while the images slide, you need to pause. Turn on this option so that you don’t miss any important content.

divigrid carousel slide direction

Carousel Slide Direction

Achieve carousel experience with our customizable slider direction feature. Seamlessly transition from left to right or right to left, adding dynamic flow to your website’s content presentation

divigrid enable loop

Enable Loop

Images uploaded to the slider can be set to continue in an infinity loop or stop once the slider has been moved. Just turn the Enable Loop switch on/off.

divigrid carousel content width

Carousel Content Width

Define the width of the carousel content effortlessly within the carousel. Set widths easily for a polished and professional design appearance, enhancing your overall website aesthetics.

divigrid center item focus

Center Item Focus

The active image of the slider by this switch will be used to focus on the middle. No hassle just enable the switch.

divigrid item height

Item Height

Easily modify the carousel items’ height to your desired dimensions using our intuitive controls. Tailor the height for each item, creating a visually appealing and cohesive carousel layout.

Happy Clients

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What our client say about us

“A fantastic selection of plugins which are intuitive to use. When I had a query support was on hand and very quick to resolve my question.”

Heather Pedley

I’m relatively new to Divi, but found this plug-in to be very helpful making a site just the way I want to see it without having to jugle other items.


I just begin to use this plugin and I discover how it’s powerful and has unlimited possibilies.
Impatient to discover incoming modules.
Really, BRAVO for the editor

ElHassane ElAlaoui

I recommend everyone this .. it is smart solution.. waiting the next updates

Mohammad sobhy

I’m so happy with customer service! While I’m not a beginner with Divi I needed help and it came quickly. I’m really enjoying everything I can do with the content grid and can’t wait to get into the list grid!

Valerie Robitaille

Customer service is fantastic the DiviGrid and Divi Image Mask Slider are winners and that starts with a great team backing them. Lots of unique options thanks for the support

Tim Kerney

It’s a wonderful world to discover. However, I would appreciate some improvement in: – translation (french for instance) – documentation (search engine is to weak). 

Pierre Moser

Divi Image Mask Slider is packed with features and easy to use, you can get some really unique designs that i haven’t seen in other Divi plugins. Keep up the good work.

Mick Beswick

“Easy to download and so far seems like a piece of cake to install and modify.. Thank you.

Roy Peterson

DiviGrid is perfect for making beautiful looking pages within Divi. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, and the queries I had with regards to customised css were answered quickly by their excellent support team. Very highly recommended.


“Die Module von Divigrid sind für die Erstellung von Websites sehr hilfreich.”
Peter Oltmanns

This is a hidden little gem and any Divi user with good basic/intermediate knowledge will get great mileage out of – the downloadable templates are plentiful and useful to get going and I am a big fan of the inline popups which are a great asset to claim back on page real estate by allowing you to expand information on click but offering a slimmer version of the content first- quite happy to suport this developer hoping they continue to expand their offering


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