Post Grid

Divi post grid gives you the simplest and easiest way to create a post grid from WordPress posts with just a few clicks Additionally, you can filter post content and display it in a grid view. We have created many attractive premade layouts that you can use as per your choice. This module lets you simply display your posts and thumbnails in a post grid layout using the grid layout style.

Positioning post content

All post content can be smoothly aligned to any position in the grid, along with the facility of complete customization and a unique lookout.

30+ Premade Grid Pattern

Our creative and unique grid patterns give every post a perfect look with great features. This grid pattern presents the posts in a great & different way.

Full control of metadata

Complete control over every single metadata is a unique feature of this post grid. We assure you that, it presents differently from other PostGrid plugins.

Lightweight, Responsive & Customizable prebuilt grid layout patterns

Each of our prebuilt grid layouts is unique, creative, and eye-catching—no more customization hassles for you. It is fully responsive for every device. You can choose a grid pattern layout according to your needs. Each post-grid layout pattern is designed with ease of use in mind.

Overlay and Hover effects on the posts

Overlays have been added as a cool and helpful feature. With 10+ hover effects makes it is more gorgeous and awesome. The overlay effect feature makes the post grid look more attractive. It’s simple, hassle-free, and different from the other plugins.

Complete control of every single metadata

Complete control over metadata is one of the great and unique features of our Post Grid. This unique feature sets it apart from other post grids. This plugin has the ability to customize metadata order/individual positioning, wrapping, and color style together or separately.

Ability to add a background image to a single post item

This plugin has the compatibility to separate the background of each grid item. Giving separate hover effects, changing the position of metadata, order of post content can be changed very easily. Has the facility to change the height of row-size while using/without an image as background.

Fully Optimized

Maximize your online presence with a website that is fully optimized and responsive. By prioritizing optimization and responsiveness, you can provide a superior user experience, improve your search engine rankings, and ultimately achieve your online goals.
Justified Gallery

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10 Extraordinary Features of Post Grid

30+ premade grid pattern layouts

Overlay and hover options for featured image

Smooth Ajax pagination

Full control of post contents

Positioning metadata together or individually

Ability to use featured images in various ways

Responsive grid patterns for all devices

Number and size of grid rows can be set

Ability to turn all metadata on and off individually

Styling options for individual post content


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