How to Check WordPress & Divi System Health

By Divigrid

July 8, 2023

The WordPress & Divi System Health Check feature is designed to assess the overall health and performance of your WordPress website, specifically when using the Divi theme. It provides valuable insights into various aspects of your site’s configuration, plugins, and theme compatibility. Here are some reasons why the WordPress & Divi System Health Check is useful:

Identify compatibility issues:  The health check analyzes your site’s configuration and checks for any known compatibility issues between WordPress, Divi, and other installed plugins or themes. It helps you identify potential conflicts that may arise due to outdated software versions or incompatible combinations.

Troubleshoot problems:  If you’re experiencing issues with your site, the health check can help pinpoint the source of the problem. By temporarily disabling plugins and switching to a default theme, it allows you to determine if any third-party components are causing conflicts or performance issues.

Ensure optimal performance:  The health check provides insights into critical factors that impact your website’s performance, such as the PHP version, database status, and server configuration. It alerts you to potential bottlenecks or suboptimal settings that could affect your site’s speed and functionality.

Receive recommendations and solutions:  When the health check detects any issues or warnings, it offers explanations and suggested solutions to address them. This guidance helps you take appropriate actions to resolve the identified problems and optimize your site’s performance.

Maintain website security:  The health check examines security-related aspects, such as the usage of secure protocols (HTTPS), the presence of a firewall, and the use of strong passwords. It helps you ensure that your website is following recommended security practices and protects your site and visitors from potential vulnerabilities.

By performing regular system health checks using the WordPress & Divi System Health Check feature, you can proactively address compatibility issues, troubleshoot problems, and maintain the optimal performance and security of your WordPress website built with the Divi theme.

WordPress Health Check

WordPress provides a built-in Site Health feature that allows you to perform a health check on your website. This feature helps you identify any potential issues or areas that require attention. Here’s how to access and use the WordPress Site Health check:

Log in to your WordPress admin area:  Use your credentials to access the WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to the Site Health section:  In the WordPress sidebar menu, click on “Tools” and then select “Site Health.” This will take you to the Site Health dashboard.

Review the Site Health Status:  On the Site Health dashboard, you’ll see an overview of your website’s current status. It provides information about various aspects of your site, including performance, security, and configuration.

How to Check WordPress & Divi System Health

Check the Critical Issues and Recommendations:  The Site Health dashboard displays critical issues and recommendations that require your attention. Critical issues are highlighted in red color, while recommendations are shown in yellow. Click on each item to expand it and view more details.

Resolve Critical Issues:  Address the critical issues identified in the Site Health dashboard. WordPress may provide information about the problem and suggest steps to resolve it. Follow the recommendations provided or seek additional assistance if needed. Resolving critical issues helps ensure the stability, security, and performance of your WordPress site.

Review the Info and Passed Tests sections:  The Site Health dashboard also includes sections that provide information about your website’s configuration and the tests that have passed. These sections offer valuable insights into the overall health and performance of your site.

divigrid site health info

Explore Additional Tools:  Within the Site Health dashboard, you’ll find links to additional tools and resources that can help you troubleshoot and optimize your WordPress site. These tools may include debugging features, information about your server environment, and more.

The WordPress Site Health check is a useful tool to monitor the health and performance of your website. By regularly reviewing the Site Health dashboard, resolving critical issues, and implementing recommended optimizations, you can ensure that your WordPress site operates smoothly and maintains optimal security and performance levels.

For more details please visit WordPress Site Health Screen

Divi System Health Check

The System Status feature in Divi offers a convenient and comprehensive overview of your server statistics and configuration. It serves as a valuable tool to identify any potential compatibility problems with Divi and ensures a healthy website. When all lights are green,

divigrid divi health check

it indicates a good system setup, while red lights signal issues that require immediate attention. Yellow lights suggest areas where adjustments can be made to optimize your system. By correctly configuring your hosting environment based on the information provided by System Status, you can proactively address common problems faced by Divi users, reducing the need for extensive support interactions. This feature streamlines troubleshooting helps prevent issues, and promotes efficient website performance, allowing you to focus on creating a remarkable online experience with Divi.


Divi and WordPress health checks play crucial roles in ensuring the optimal performance, compatibility, and security of your website. The WordPress Site Health check provides a comprehensive overview of your site’s configuration, identifies critical issues, and offers recommendations for improvement. It helps you maintain a healthy WordPress installation and resolve any potential problems.

Additionally, the Divi System Status feature specifically focuses on assessing your server statistics and configuration in relation to Divi. It ensures that your hosting environment meets Divi’s requirements and minimizes compatibility issues.

Both health checks empower you to proactively manage your website, troubleshoot efficiently, and maintain a smooth and secure online presence. By regularly performing these health checks, you can address issues promptly, optimize your system, and provide an exceptional user experience to your website visitors.

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