Google Crawl error “et_core_page_resource=”

By Divigrid

July 6, 2023

The Google Crawl error “et_core_page_resource” error is commonly associated with Divi. This error often appears in Google Search Console’s Crawl Errors report and can impact the indexing and crawling of your website by search engines.
The error is :

<script>var et_site_url=’’ et_post_id=313;function et_core_page_resource_fallback(a,b){“undefined”===typeof b&&(b=a.sheet.cssRules&&0===a.sheet.cssRules.length);b&&(a.onerror=null,a.onload=null,a.href?a.href=et_site_url+”/?et_core_page_resource=”+a.id+et_post_id:a.src&&(a.src=et_site_url+”/?et_core_page_resource=”+a.id+et_post_id))}</script>

Google Crawl error

Why This Google Crawl Error Occur

This is because you have enabled the Static CSS File Generation option in Dashboard => Divi => Theme Options => Builder => Advanced. This option generates a CSS file to store all of the Divi custom styles which reduces the server requests and gives you extra points on those speed test services

Fix The Error

In this case, we suggest that you disable the Static CSS File Generation option in Dashboard => Divi => Theme Options => Builder => Advanced

divigrid static css file

That’s it.

For more details about crawl errors click this link Google Crawl Error and also want to read our blogs more for tips or troubleshoot then Click Here


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